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Off-The-Chart Dental Charts

Amerident is the first dental software which is very easy to use and has been providing a great user experience. It has been initiated with the intention of making the dental practice management effectively by utilizing all the features of the software inbuilt.

Every individual can easily understand the software with a little knowledge of it.

Our odontogram chart is performing very well where you can chart the most of the cases with multiple treatment planning.

Group Practices Love Us, Too!

We are providing native data tools which would help your group.all the tools are inbuilt in the software.

Images on the Cloud

Access images from anywhere and on any device with our cloud dental software.

Training and Support

Our responsive and highly trained amerident team is here to help you every step of the way.

The Amerident Experience

Amerident is a famous cloud-based dental practice management company. Our software ensures the security of each practice by providing them the cloud database with the advanced encryption methodology for any exchange of data.

We have a good team of professionals who excel in their work with dedication and expertise. We believe in people who work smart and get the solutions instantly. Everything has become online these days, once we had an idea of making the dental practice management online, we have come up with a number of options and features and native data tools that can be added to the software.

Let’s initiate making the dental practice online to get the best results and profitability. It will let you grow your business within short span of time.

Smart People

Customer Focus





Your Data. Your Way.

Beautifull Dental Billing

With the intention of saving time and money we have added the feature of making payments online. It is so easy that you can use your credit and debit cards to make secure payments and generate the medical bills instantly from any place wherever you are.

State-of-the-Art Dental Imaging

We have come up with the amazing dental imaging technology. Amerident helps you to capture the images directly to the cloud using any digital x-ray sensor or compatible devices. Our patent pending technology is outstanding.

Scheduling Made Easy

The essential part of any medical practice is scheduling the appointments to the patients. It is so tedious and clumsy task to make it through offline. So we had a thought of making it simple and efficient so that every patient is clear with making appointments for their treatment. It is so easy to use you can just drag and drop and can confirm it.

What Makes us Better?

100% Cloud-Based Dental Software with Amerident
That is What Success Feels Like

Native Digital Imaging

Helps you to capture directly to the cloud with the patent pending technology.


With the experience of more than a decade, our systems are almost 99.9% uptime.


It is such simple software you will ever see and use. It is simply attractive and efficient.

Customer Success

Almost 70% of our customers say that our customer service is a way better than their previous vendor’s.

Hip, Cool and Handsome

We are a team of certified professionals you would like to associate with-we will make you feel and look like the professionals with our work.

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